Growth Strategies for B-to-B Firms

Griffioen Consulting - Growth Strategies for Business-to-Business Companies
Has your company’s growth stalled? Are revenues and profits declining? Is your market share slipping? Are you facing a new competitor or new technology that’s changing your industry?

At Griffioen Consulting we advise small and mid-size B2B companies on how to grow revenue, increase profits, enter new markets, develop new products and services, and become stronger players in their industries.

With experience in a wide variety of industries, a fresh perspective and an analytical, data-driven approach we create smart growth strategies for your business. Our approach is direct, pragmatic and results-oriented. Sharply focused on getting you on the path to success.

We get to the heart of the matter, ask tough questions, challenge the status quo and break through boundaries. Wherever your company’s best opportunities may be found, Griffioen Consulting provides you with practical, actionable advice and support for making smart decisions about your company’s future.

The way we work is collaborative and tailored to your specific situation and needs. Always with your objectives in mind of getting your business on a solid path to sustainable, profitable growth.

With experience in Turnaround Management, Strategic Planning, Market Strategy development, Business Plan creation, and Market Research, we can put together a comprehensive program to address your business challenges.

To discuss what we could do for your business, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for business-to-business firms

Strategic Planning is not just for Fortune 500 companies. In particular smaller companies don’t have the resources to operate in every market and to pursue each and every opportunity.

Our practical, effective Strategic Planning process is particularly well suited for smaller firms that do not have the time nor the budget for a drawn-out strategic planning effort. Make better decisions based on sound strategic thinking. We can help.

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is much more than advertising and promotion. Key decisions need to be made about differentiation and positioning, what to sell, which markets to target, pricing, and distribution. And, of course, how to promote the offerings and create awareness.

Developing a Marketing Strategy needs to start well before a product is conceived, let alone manufactured. Marketing should not be an after-the-fact advertising campaign once you have product on the shelves, waiting to be sold.

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Business Planning

People working together on a business plan

Creating a sound, well thought-out Business Plan that impresses investors and bankers is not that simple.  It may take you many hours and countless revisions before the Business Plan is finally completed.

Save time and aggravation by working with a Business Planning consultant who works closely with you, provides advice and keeps you focused.

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