Strategic Business Consulting for B-to-B Companies

Strategic Business Consulting for small B2B companies

Griffioen Consulting is a strategic business consulting firm that specializes in advising small and mid-market B-to-B firms on identifying and capturing new opportunities for growth.

We take a comprehensive, strategic approach to addressing the challenges to growth that so many businesses face. We focus on top line revenue growth, profit improvement, new market entry, product innovation and pricing strategies, sales & marketing, business planning as well as finance, accounting and business taxation.

Strategic business consulting for small and mid-market business-to-business companiesSince our start in 2001 we’ve worked with an increasing number of B2B firms across the US, representing a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

With our experience in strategic business consulting and an independent perspective Griffioen Consulting helps its clients make smart business decisions based on hard data, market intelligence, objective analysis and sound insight.

Practical Strategic Business Consulting for B-to-B Firms

Addressing the obstacles to growth smaller B2B businesses face requires a different mindset. Smaller companies typically have limited budgets. And it’s also not unusual for these companies to lack certain skills and expertise. Time may be a factor as well. We understand these constraints and the level of urgency.  In addition, B2B requires a different approach than B2C. We work exclusively with clients in B2B market sectors.

Typically, the need for developing or revamping a business strategy comes from the owners and managers struggling with questions such as:

  • Sales are declining. How do we turn it around?
  • Where will the business be in one year, let alone three?
  • There are so many interesting opportunities to pursue. Which are worthwhile?
  • Which new products or services to develop?
  • How can we strengthen our competitive position?
  • A competitor is gaining market share. How to respond?
  • Our products have become commodities. What to do?
  • We can only compete on price. How can we change that?
  • How will new technology impact our business?
  • Are we sufficiently diversified? Or perhaps too much?
  • How can we best launch new products?

Our perspective is fundamentally strategic, yet we’re very pragmatic and focused on getting results. Through a comprehensive approach and “in the trenches” collaboration with our clients, we formulate practical growth strategies and develop and implement sound action plans.

We have delivered results for clients across a broad range of B-to-B industries and markets, leveraging our expertise in these core areas:

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning deals with creating a mid to long-term road map for the business, usually for the next 2-3 years. An in-depth discussion of topics such as company strengths and weaknesses, customer needs, competition, technology, and significant trends are the foundation for determining your best opportunities.
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Marketing Strategy

Underlying a sound marketing strategy is the question “Why should customers buy from us? It deals with your company’s positioning and Value Proposition. Also, deciding about your target markets, product pricing, sales and distribution channels, and of course, advertising and promotion fall within the realm of marketing strategy.
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Business Planning

A compelling, carefully thought-out business plan is needed if you’re looking for external funding from a financial institution or an investor. But even if you’re not looking for funding, a business plan is an essential tool for improving the business, monitoring business activities and measuring progress towards your goals.
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Finance & Accounting

A thorough review of your company’s finances, accounting, and business tax situation can often identify significant opportunities for improving the bottom line. Also, accurate and up-to-date financial information supports smart business decision making.
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